Choose your game format for your children's menu!

Choose your game format for your children's menu!

Choosing the right game to offer on your restaurant's children's menu isn't always easy. Welcome Family has been developing its catalog of eco-responsible games for over 10 years now. These games are available in 5 different formats.

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Since January 1, 2022, children's menu games have been governed by the French anti-waste law. All games offered to children as part of their restaurant menu may not be made of plastic.
Welcome Family as part of its commitment to the environment, the restaurant has decided to offer a wide range of plastic-free games. Some thirty games are available in 5 formats.


The box is a larger game format than the rest of the catalog, featuring mostly dice and card games. Perfect for children's menus served directly to the table. It includes the emblematic Lord of Reflex, as well as Yabingoss, which combines several games in one. Win Word and Mic Mac are fast-paced games, much appreciated for their simplicity.


Card games are timeless, quickly understood by young and old alike. They're perfect for children's menus on a budget. Easily placed in a lunchbox or lunch bag, this format includes 8 different games that you can add to your children's menu.


Games in Tubes are an original format for children's menu games. These include the Memory Game, a best-seller from Welcome Family, available in a variety of models for children to collect. You can also find the Coloring Tubes, a game that combines several activities, coloring, stickers and mini games in a single tube.


Pocket games, a very slim format that's easy to store, and above all a dozen games of all types to entertain all ages. Our favorite is Take The Mic, a game for the whole family, and 3D Puzzle, a game that lets kids make their own figurines.


Board games are a way of revisiting our classic board games, but in pocket format. They're must-haves with which you can be sure to entertain the kids in your restaurant. In this format, two games are available in different themes: Jeu de l'Oie and Jeu de l'Échelle. Unfold the board, remove the tokens and roll the dice, and the adventure can begin!

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