Let's Sign

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A game for children to practice sign language and have fun at the same time. A card game with a grid to learn how to sign animals.


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Sign language fun

Let's Sign is a game consisting of a pack of 40 cards and a sheet of paper representing a grid.

The aim of the game is very simple: find the animal on the sheet first.

How to play:
To begin, separate the cards into an orange and a blue pack. Choose the color of the game to be played.
The youngest player starts, as the interpreter. He draws a card and makes the sign representing the animal drawn. The player who points to the animal first wins the point and the card. He then becomes the interpreter and takes his turn guessing. The game ends when one of the players wins 10 cards.

More than a card game

Learn to sign cats, dogs, hippos and crocodiles with Let's Sign. A game made up of cards and a game sheet. A game to teach children to sign farm, country, savannah and jungle animals. A fun game for the catering trade, to be included in a children's menu or children's offer. Entertain children at your restaurant table during meals, or simply while they're staying in your hotel. Easy-to-understand cards for families aged 3 and over. Colorful cards: you can play several games thanks to the blue and orange sides.

Including this type of constructive, but above all fun, game in your children's offer shows your interest in your family clientele, and will build their loyalty over time. Making your establishment kid-friendly means knowing how to adapt your offer to the whole family, thanks to the games and equipment you can provide.

Game for CHR

Let's Sign was created with the aim of sharing sign language with the very young. The first version uses simple elements such as animals. The aim of this card game is to give families a chance to share a moment together while learning a new language. Including this type of game in a children's menu means opening up new possibilities for the youngest members of the family. Let's Sign also remains a challenging game, with the best player taking home the most cards.

For more children's menu games, head to our eco range!

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Dimensions5.7 cm x 8.7 cm x 3 cm
Weight6 gr
Agefrom 3 years old
Number of playersfrom 2 players
ModelBlue Orange
MaterialsCardboard, paper
Customization possibleYes
BrandWelcome Family
Size of the box38 x 31.5 x 18 cm
Net weight of the box14,40 kg
Gross weight of the box14,80 kg
Customs code95044000
EAN MC3760045528187
Number of boxes / pallet42
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