Indoor children's furniture

Our company Welcome Family brings a very particular importance to the equipment of the children within the establishments accomodating them, like the restaurants, the hotels, the camp-sites, the clubs of vacations..


You can benefit from a wide range of children's furniture on our online store: high chairs, chair risers, different changing tables, cots for babies, bathroom accessories, children's furniture, strollers, chairs and benches, tables but also various accessories such as bibs, playful decorations or bottle warmers specially designed for children. Our children's furniture is perfectly suited for restaurants and hotels thanks to their ease of use, maintenance and installation. They will fill with happiness the professionals but also the parents and their children by bringing them a Kid Friendly touch that they love. For a successful reception and a desire to stand out to families, choose our products Welcome Family meeting the French standards in force. They guarantee that parents and their children will be amazed when they visit your establishment.

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