Giant games

Are you looking for entertainment for the family clientele of your campsite or vacation center? Discover the range of essential games in XXL format to entertain children who come to spend a stay in your outdoor hotel establishment. You will find in this category timeless games like the giant Power 4, the giant Domino, the giant Bank Tower..


Children and their parents will be delighted to rediscover mythical board games in giant proportions. They will be able to have fun with their family or friends, outdoors or in play areas. The range of giant games will create unforgettable vacation memories for the family clientele of your hotel establishment. Giant outdoor games that will animate your establishment. It is strategic to offer giant board games and especially giant outdoor games in your campsite or in your hotel to create a family activity section and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Giant games allow to gather groups of friends, families and create a festive atmosphere. Several types of giant games are in vogue. The number 1 is the giant wooden game, bowling and Domino games are part of this category. These are light giant games that allow the whole family to participate. XXL size board games, which awaken the spirit of competition.

Giant games are also giant games for the play ground but especially games to have fun during the vacations. Known for their educational benefits. They encourage children to take on challenges, make group decisions and be proactive.

Giant wooden games

Many giant wooden games are popular, here is a list of these outdoor games:

- The Towering Inferno, a fun giant construction game. Each person in turn adds a block, the goal is to climb as high as possible without making the tower fall. A second rule is possible, which is to do the opposite, climb the tower and each person in turn removes a block, the one who makes the tower fall loses.

- The giant dominoes, a giant wooden game on the site. The goal is to be the first to place all his dominoes. A strategy game that will please the little competitors.

- Giant Horses, a giant board game. Even more fun than the giant chess game. A classic board game in XXL version that will be a real force in your family offer

- Finnish bowling, this giant outdoor game is well known for family activities.

- The giant Mikado, a giant wooden game. This game consists in removing one by one the sticks in the picture. The removed stick is the only one that can be touched and moved. If another stick is touched, it is the next player's turn.

Giant outdoor game for the little ones

- The giant ground target or giant folding target is popular with the little ones. This giant game is designed to work on mobility and precision. This type of giant game builds confidence in children and helps develop technical and intellectual skills. But beyond the aspect of awakening the child, it is also a fun and festive giant team game

Giant sport game

- Spike ball, a game very appreciated by our neighbors across the Atlantic, the Canadians. The spike ball is a giant game with a real sporting stake. If this type of game is aimed at adults, it also has a good effect on children. It helps to change posture, to feel able to do more dynamic activities but also helps to create a sense of determination. A team sport that is inspired by volleyball, a giant game in full evolution.

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