Bath accessories

The quality of someone's stay in a hotel, restaurant, campsite or holiday club also depends on the sanitary facilities that are available. Like adults, children too are entitled to their own little comfort. Welcome Family offers sanitary facilities accessories for children. You will find bathtubs, baby baths, toilet seats, bath rings, footstools and non-slip bath mats. So many children's bath accessories that combine both convenience and safety.

Toilet seat reducer

The Bath Book, an accessory to use in your hotel

Bath Book

Bath Thermometer in the shape of a turtle, bath accessory for children in hotels

Turtle Bath Thermometer


Baby pot

Splitto bath toy, children hospitality product for hotels

Bath Toy Splitto


Foot step

Set of 6 anti-slip bath pads, child bath accessory for hotels

Set of 6 anti-slip bath pads

Bird electronic bath thermometer, child bath accessory for hotels

Bird electronic bath thermometer


Children's bathtub


Baby bathing bouncer


Bath ring

Ergonomic bathtub with drain, bath accessor for children in hotels

Ergonomic bathtub with drain