Who are we?

Once upon a time, there were three dads in the wind, inspired and inspiring: Fred, Phiphi and Lolo. We could tell you this story like we tell a tale to children. They are resolutely young, resolutely contemporary, they like to surf the waves at the end of the world as much as they like to share their time between their jobs, their families and their friends.

Welcome Family, it starts from there...

The idea came when Fred, founder of the brand, already an entrepreneur in marketing objects and a design enthusiast, listened to the story of a friend who had just returned from a world tour with his children. Foreign tourist establishments welcome children like kings, adapted equipment, games offered in the children's menu...


The contrast is striking, France has everything to learn to welcome the little ones. How many hotels or restaurants have made you feel that your children are an unwanted extra? No adapted facilities, or even a slight sigh of despair from the host. Have you ever had that moment? Fred Martz has too. For this entrepreneurial father, in love with his children as much as with the waves of Bali or Brazil, leaving without them is out of the question.

Back from his travels, he decided to create a brand that would offer welcome kits and children's equipment for hotels, restaurants, camping, tourist residences ...: coloring table sets, coloring books and crayons, wooden high chairs, booster seats, changing tables ... "The base!" He tells you ... "


When you want to spend a pleasant moment with your children, you have to know how to keep them busy because a sit-down meal in a restaurant is longer and therefore more restrictive than at home".


The meal is even longer for parents when their children are not sitting properly to eat ... for this, Welcome Family has designed its own chair booster and high chair so that the child can be installed comfortably at the table. They are made of wood, very practical, without trays and allow the child to be seated with his parents.


The latest addition to the equipment range is the new wall-mounted folding changing table, which allows parents to change their babies comfortably. The success is immediate, in 4 years more than 4000 establishments are equipped with Welcome Family coloring kits and equipment.

Today Welcome Family works with independent restaurants and hotels as well as large chains such as: McDonald's, Courtepaille, Flunch, Memphis Coffee, Accor Hotel...


Given the success of the high chair developed for McDonald's France: the "Happy Baby Chair". Welcome Family extends its development to the international market. From now on, you will find the Happy Baby Chair in Germany, Italy, England, Austria, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Hong Kong, China, and soon in Australia, Brazil, USA...

Thank you to our customers who trust us and who participate with us in a more kid's Friendly world for the happiness of children and their parents!

Family : Here you are Welcome !

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