Professional changing tables

Equipping your establishment with a changing table is a major asset if you welcome families with young children. As a matter of fact, if you are working for a hotel, restaurant, campsite, holiday club, community, public place, shopping centre, cinema, bowling alley etc. , it is essential to provide a professional changing table in your sanitary facilities so that your customers can change their baby safely. Explore our large range of changing tables for all your cutomer needs: horizontal wall-mounted and foldable changing tables that are very practical, vertical wall-mounted changing tables, and that can be easily stored. They are suitable for establishments with very limited space in their sanitary facilities. All our professional changing tables comply with European safety standards. Choose the changing table that best suits your space. Changing tables are essential children's furniture for professionals in the hotel and catering industry.

Protective sheets for changing table


Value-priced changing mat


Removable changing table


Contoured baby changing mat


High edge change mattress


Changing table


Double changing table


Wall mounted changing table


Changing table


Professional horizontal wall-mounted changing table


Professional wall-mounted baby changing table


Aluminium changing table