French production

French manufacturing, a sign of quality and creativity!

81% of French people now prefer to buy products made in France.

L’Express Franchise 2023

The term "French know-how" has a generally positive international image.

So why choose the Made in France option? The manufacturing process varies in every country in Europe and around the globe. The main criteria sought and obtained with French manufacturing are quality, support for the local economy, followed by product safety through standards and creativity!

In our world of children's premium and childcare equipment, the local manufacture of our products by French companies, each specialized in its own field (wood, paper), offers a wealth of creative possibilities. The distribution of French-brand products is also part of our mission. That's the richness of our products.

French manufacturing guaranteed: from design to conception.

Scroll-controlled Lottie Animation

Because we're proud of our products made in France, we've decided to showcase them on our store!


It's easy to find all our "Made in France" products. Look for the logo  Pictogramme Made in France on the visuals.

Scroll-controlled Lottie Animation

Coloring pencils

Children are also talented, with French-made crayons and coloring books.

Games and toys

Toys designed, engineered and manufactured in France, to be offered in a children's premium, means knowing how to speak to these youngest customers.

Juvenile articles

It's great to be able to welcome and settle children in your establishment, and it's just as great to be able to use French childcare equipment!

Your game or coloring book made in France and in your image? It's possible with our made-to-measure option.

G la Dalle board game

Pokawa board game

La Cabane coloring book

Il Popolo coloring books

Campanile board game

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