Fast and Catch
children's speed game - restaurant game
Digital extension of the Fast & Catch game
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Fast and Catch
children's speed game - restaurant game
Digital extension of the Fast & Catch game

Fast and Catch

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Fast and Catch is a game of speed, to be offered to children in a kit or children's menu. A plastic-free game!

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The speed game: Fast and Catch

This game of 5 tokens and 20 cards is the most fun game in our collection. Very simple to understand, you just have to be fast! The aim: to catch the totems that don't match the card you've turned over as quickly as possible.

There are two models to choose from: the Skateboard model and the Superhero model, giving kids even more choice!

Rules: Totems are placed in the center of the table. The stack of cards is placed face-down next to the totems. The first player turns over one of the cards, and all players then have to catch the totems that don't have the same symbol as the card as quickly as possible. Whoever catches the totem with the same symbol as the turned-over card loses and takes the card. The totems are returned to the middle and another player can reveal the next card. The game ends when no more cards are available. The player with the most cards loses.

A fun, fast-paced children's menu game

This game of cards and tokens identifies the fastest player of all. It combines dexterity and attention! A game that makes perfect sense on a children's menu. Firstly, for its colorful, childlike design, which is sure to please the youngest. Secondly, for its packaging and contents, made entirely from cardboard and paper. A zero-plastic approach that many restaurants are looking for. It's worth noting that since January 1, 2021, the anti-waste law has declared that plastic toys can no longer be offered on a children's menu. This makes it practical to offer cardboard/paper games for children. In a cardboard lunchbox, with paper food packaging, the eco-responsible game will easily find its place and complete this Zero Plastic children's menu!

A game in a hotel welcome kit

Welcoming children to a hotel is quite a strategy! You need to find a fun, playful game with simple rules for the youngest guests, and above all offer an ethical game that can be part of a CSR approach. Fast and Catch is a game to be offered in a game bag when families arrive at your hotel. A game that doesn't take up much space and is easy to transport. This game is reserved for family hospitality professionals.

Discover our range of fun, eco-friendly games !

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Dimensions16 x 16 cm
Weight4 gr
ModelFruits, Animals
MaterialsCardboard, paper
Customization possibleYes
BrandWelcome Family
Size of the box34 x 34 x 40 cm
Net weight of the box9,90 kg
Gross weight of the box10,60 kg
Number of boxes / pallet30
Customs code95044000
EAN MC3760045528163
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