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The iconic Quiz My Face is back in pocket format. A new version for even crazier riddles.

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What is Quiz My Face?

The Quiz My Face board game includes 9 masks. "Guess who you are", a game of deduction and reflection. The aim of the game is to guess which mask you are wearing first. The half-masks are placed face down, and each player picks a mask to place on his or her face. The game begins. Each player in turn asks a question, and the others answer "yes" or "no", for example: "Am I an animal with hair? If the answer is yes, the player continues to ask questions. If the answer is no, he skips his turn. The first player to guess his character wins the game. The others can continue playing.

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Why include Quiz My Face in your children's menu?

Entertainment and engagement: Games add an entertainment dimension to the restaurant dining experience for children, making them more engaged and less likely to get bored.
Customer Loyalty: Families are more likely to patronize a restaurant that offers attractive children's menus, which can increase long-term customer loyalty.
Waiting Mitigation: Games can help alleviate the wait for food, which is particularly useful when service is a little slower.
Creating a Memorable Experience: Children will associate positive memories with the restaurant if they had a good time playing games.
Positive Distraction: Games can be useful for distracting children, keeping them calm and happy during the meal.
Competitive Differentiation: Offering games on children's menus can help a restaurant stand out from the competition by offering a unique experience.

Ultimately, offering a game on a children's menu can not only make the children's experience more enjoyable, but also be commercially advantageous by attracting more customers and creating a positive family atmosphere in the restaurant.

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