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The surprise game for astronauts, fun and playful, with lots of mini-games.


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Cosmos surprise game

Aim of the game:
Visit all the planets in the Cosmos and complete all the challenges.

Game preparation:
Each player receives a planet and the character that goes with it.
The youngest explorer starts and rolls both dice!

Game sequence:

there are 2 possibilities for the explorer of the universe:
- If he lands on an even number + a planet, the explorer has found its coordinates and goes to the planet.
- If he lands on an odd number + a planet, the coordinates were not good for the next explorer to play.

When arriving on a planet, the explorer must win the indicated challenge to validate his journey. If he loses, he returns to his planet. The winner is the one who has completed all the Cosmos planet challenges!

Find out more about the rules on Welcome Family Word.

Toys for children CHR

Cosmos is a game for explorers of the universe. Find the 5 planets to visit during the game. Choose your character and set off to explore the cosmos. A surprise game for CHRs. An excellent gift for families visiting restaurants and hotels.

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