Visit Welcome Family at EquipHotel

EquipHotel : the international exhibition of reference for professionals in...

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Regulation of children's toys in supermarkets and restaurants

The toy for the child regulated in the large consumption but also in the...

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The 2022 summer season in hotels and restaurants

2022 is the year when tourism professionals will have to adapt to the needs...

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Family vacations synonymous with rest?

Know how to offer activities to children to rest parents in your establishment

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Why welcome children?

Targeting children allows to gain 25% of customers on average. And yes, with...

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The 2022 calendar of highlights for the restaurant and hotel industry!

For 2022, write down the major dates and events to liven up your...

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january 1, 2022, where the anti-waste law makes sense for children's menus

Better understand the anti-waste law! 2022 is the year of new regulations for...

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Thinking about your child's menu

The importance of families in your school

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Créez votre Menu Enfant autour de l'Euro de Football

Game, accessory, and lunchbox for the children's menu or as a welcome product...

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