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The Memomap, a memory and strategy game on the theme of travel around the world. An eco-responsible toy with zero plastic to propose in a child menu or a welcome kit.


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A memory game for your child formula

For those who are passionate about travel and learning, we present you Memomap. A memory and strategy game, made by Welcome Family, which takes up the world of travel around the world. The goal of the game: succeed in finding the elements present on its map.

The Memomap game contains 4 maps and 25 tokens.

The rules of Memomap :

Each player receives a map. The tokens are turned face down

Each player in turn turns over a token (without showing it to the other player), if the player picks the right token, he gets it back and puts it on his map. He can then play again. If the player does not draw the correct chip, he puts it back face down in the same place.

If a player draws a bonus chip

  • Forbidden direction: he designates a player who will not play the next turn
  • +2: he plays 2 more times
  • Shuffle: the player must shuffle the direction of the cards on the table
  • Exchange: the player can exchange the game with someone else if he/she wishes

The game is over when a player completes all his map.

Discover the Memomap game in video.

The eco-responsible children's menu toy

Are you looking for a zero plastic children's menu toy? Like the Square Challenge or the Yabingoss, the Memomap is part of our range of eco-friendly games. It is made entirely from cardboard and paper. A way for you, as a catering professional, to offer a unique children's formula with a reduced impact on the environment.

In particular, following the anti-waste law of January 1, 2022, which aims to put an end to the free provision of plastic toys in a child menu. To learn more about this law, discover our focus article.

A zero plastic welcome gift

Add to the children's offer of your hotel, camping or vacation club a zero plastic game to entertain and occupy the children during their stay. The Memomap is a fun and entertaining game that allows to discover the culture and geography of 4 countries around the world : Italy, France, Spain and Australia. The little travelers can discover the animals present in Australia, the mythical Italian monuments or the French gastronomy.

The Memomap can be used in a play area or as a welcome gift, and will help you build loyalty among your family customers. For parents who have requirements such as comfort, safety and entertainment in their search for hotel establishments, developing a child-friendly offer represents a means of differentiation. So it's up to you!

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