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1, 2, 3 goal, a card game to gather little soccer fans. An original card game for a child menu or in a surprise kit.


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A great card game

Goal of the game: the winner is the first one, who has scored 3 "Goal!" balloons

Game rules: First, place the pile of balls in the center, "ball" side up. Shuffle all the cards, then deal 3 to each player face up. The cards that are not dealt are used as a draw deck. The youngest player kicks off!

He has 2 possibilities, it is up to him to choose the right strategy:

  • either perform one of the match actions described on the back (match action)
  • or throw one of his 3 cards back into the pot.

At the end of his turn, the player systematically draws the number of missing cards, so that he always has 3 cards in his possession, lined up in front of him face up. Then it's his neighbor's turn to play.

The 4 match actions:

Win a ball: By combining the following 2 cards (attacker + goalkeeper), the player wins a "ball". He places it in front of him.

Scoring a goal: The player, who presents 2 attacking cards, scores a goal. He can then turn the or one of his "balls" into a "Goal! This goal is definitely yours, it is impregnable!

Intercepting a ball from another player: The player presents a "referee" card to an opposing player and thus recovers a "ball" (only a "ball", the "Goal!" ball being impregnable!).

Golden Ball" card: The player who draws a "golden ball" card scores a goal directly. On the next turn, he presents his "golden ball" card, which earns him a "Goal! He puts the golden ball back into the pot.

All cards presented by the players to perform a match action are returned to the pot and immediately replaced with cards from the deck. When the deck is finished, the pot is used, after shuffling and turning it over.

Have a good game and may the best player win!

A fun card game

Offer a little surprise to entertain the little ones in your hospitality program. It's an opportunity for your brewery, snack bar, fast food restaurant, restaurant to improve the welcome you give to children with eco-responsible toys. A simple and funny card game to include children in your establishment. A game to create moments of sharing between parents and children. It is advantageous to improve the surprise gift on the children's menuto increase the loyalty of family customers.

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Dimensions5,7 x 8,7 cm
Agefrom 5 years old
Number of players2 à 4
LanguageFrench, English, Spanish, Portuguese
Customization possibleYes
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