Eco friendly games

What if  we switched to a more responsible consumption pattern? We aim to offer our customers eco-designed products to welcome kids and families, that are perfect for hotels and restaurants, to offer as surprise gifts with your children's menus or as extra, surprise toys as part of your children's welcome offers. Explore our range of eco-friendly toys, and ethical games that are committed to respecting children and the planet. 

Wooden games from eco-managed forests, toys made from recycled cardboard, children's menu gifts or biodegradable games. The whole range of eco-responsible childcare products has been designed using recycled and sustainable materials 

Our childcare products are ideal for hotels professionals, whether as surprise toys for children's menus or as a welcome gifts for children in hotels.

Welcome Family Thin-rubber Balloons


Assorted colors latex balloons


Mixed colouring placemats

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From €0.09 By 1440
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Mixed colouring notebooks

From €0.09 By 4320

Wooden Yoyo


Tangram wood puzzle


Battle Quest

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Memory Game - Noughts and crosses - double game

From €0.45 By 720

Colouring Puzzle

From €0.45 By 720

Colouring Tubes

From €0.47 By 720

My Story

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