Set of colouring notebooks and wax crayons

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From €0.21 By 4320

- Colouring notebooks: snow, sport Us, Urban Skate, western boy, western girl, farm, marine world, safari, pirates, fairies, dinosaurs, princesses, football, holidays, mountain climber

- 4 A5 sized pages

- French/English

- Bags of 2 double lead wax crayons: 4 colours

- Several quantities available

- Bonus: 1 participation in the WF drawing contest enclosed in each notebook!

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Offer this colouring kit as a surprise gift in the children's menus! We offer a variety of models that will suit both girls and boys. All you have to do is hand out the notebook and the pack of double-sided pencils to children with each order from the children's menu. It is an excellent product for kids, you will make both the children and their parents happy, and the children can take their notebook home with them. 

They will have the opportunity to draw their best drawing and apply for the "Draw Your Superhero" drawing competition. Welcome Family takes care of everything! Give your customers a chance! There are many prizes to be won!

PS : If you want one or more specific designs, please indicate it in the commentary of your order.

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