Wooden bench

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Furniture for childcare in hotels, restaurants:

- Wooden bench for children

- With its trapezoidal shape it does not tilt

- Stackable by 6

- Dimensions of the bench : W: 69 cm, D: 34 cm, seat width: 60 cm.

- Materials: Wood from ecologically managed forests

  • Vert
  • Bleu
  • Rouge
  • Orange

Couleurs Tamaño Price
Vert H : 31 cm €109.90
Bleu H : 31 cm €109.90
Rouge H : 31 cm €109.90
Orange H : 31 cm €109.90
Vert H : 35 cm €109.90
Bleu H : 35 cm €109.90
Rouge H : 35 cm €109.90
Orange H : 35 cm €109.90
Vert H : 26 cm €109.90
Bleu H : 26 cm €109.90
Rouge H : 26 cm €109.90
Orange H : 26 cm €109.90
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Calling hotels, restaurants, campsites, holiday clubs and all other communities that receive a lot of visits from children (schools, nurseries, etc.). This wooden bench is perfect for preparing yourself to welcome any children who may visit your establishment. With this child equipment, you can create a play or workarea. They will be able to learn and have fun in comfortable and safe conditions.

The bench is made with wood from sustainably managed forests and then covered with a laminate coating that makes it more resistant to time and wear. It also supports the weight of an adult. Its trapezoidal shape prevents it from tilting. There are different seat heights to optimize comfort.

To choose the right seat height, refer to the size of the users. The stature must be in the middle of the size range.


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