Why focus on welcoming children ?

Welcoming families who visit your restaurant, hotel, campsite, holiday club or leisure park allows you to:

Build loyalty amongst your customers that have families

Children are prescribers and can be quick encourage their parents to come back if they have a good time. According to an NPD study, in terms of restaurants, children influence parental choice in 22% of cases!

These days, children have "their say" on outings and family holidays. Parents have been increasingly taking their children's choices into account, so that they can have a good time together. Making children happy also makes parents happy!

As a restaurant or hotel owner, it is important to attach a great deal of importance to welcoming families so that you can build loyalty amongst customers that have families.

Attracting those that are younger is a beneficial tool that aids development. Offer fun activities for children to do. 

Increase the value of the average basket of your customers who have families:

If children are kept occupied, parents can let themselves relax and therefore, will be able to stay at the table for longer and consume more. Your family welcome offer gives your customers the opportunity to have a good time over a meal or during a stay at your establishment. The average family basket value will increase and so will your total revenue.

Add value to your establishment by differentiating yourself from your competitors

Make the best use of it. Work especially on your children's offers (welcome, entertainment, menu composition). A healthy, high-quality and attractive offer! Remember that the children of today are the consumers of tomorrow!


Targeting children makes it possible to gain 25% more customers on average.  And of course, with 20 million families living in France, this market is definitely promising!

How to target families and children who come to your school: restaurants, hotels, campsites, holiday clubs:

Target families and children who come to your restaurant

Offer a simple and attractive children's menu

A simple meal that has several options. The child can choose what they want to eat (e. g. meat or fish?). You can also offer your dishes à la carte but present them in smaller portions.

You can present the children's menus in many different themed children's menu boxes: pirates, princesses, colourful designs or even the children's favourite licensedmenu boxes: Snow Queen, Star Wars, Minions etc...

Offer a colouring sheet - a great surprise to add to a children's menu

Children spend very little time at the table. So we have to keep them occupied and entertained! Offer them a fun surprise that will keep them entertained throughout the meal (the 7 families game, colouring sheets, constructiongames, retroplanes, surpriseeggs and goodie bags). You can also offer them a collectible surprise toy -  the child will want to come back to your restaurant. It is also an excellent way to build customer loyalty for your brand. 

Every year we organise a drawing competition: "Draw your superhero". In each booklet, we offer your customers the opportunity to participate in the drawing competition. Give them a chance to win an a hover board, disguises and lots of other surprises. This is also a good way to make customers happy and increase brand loyalty amongst the customers you already have. For more information, please click here.

Communicate effectively on your children's menu

Are you thinking of having a children's welcome offer? Make it known on all of your social networks and within your establishment. A sign at the entrance, posters that contain details about the children's menu as well as information about the surprise toy that you're offering at that moment!

Register on the Welcome Familygood addresses guide. Your establishment is Welcome Family. Use the sticker label to show that you're Kid Friendly. You can stick it on the door of your restaurant or use it however you want within your establishment.

Provide both high chairs and booster seats for children in the dining rooms

Helping the children sit comfortably at the table will allow parents to have some quiet time during their meal. We offer high chairs for children that come with and without trays.  The children's highchairs that come without a tray will be more user-friendly for your customers as their children will be settled in at their table. Another advantage of these chairs is that they are stackable! Simple and efficient storage. Up to 10 chairs can be stacked together.

The wooden booster seat is also a very practical product for you. It is foldable, takes up very little space and can be stored very easily.

The Welcome Family range of children's equipment has been designed in a way that ensures the safety and comfort of your customers but that also gets the most out of the space available in your establishment.

Install a changing table in your bathroom

So that parents can change their children in complete privacy. It is essential to install a professional changing table in your bathrooms. We offer vertical and horizontal, foldable wall changing tables that take up very little space. Our changing tables comply with the standards in force, community standards. These are professional changing tables.

 All of our products comply with collective safety standards.

 Jouets surprises pour menu enfant 

Target families and children who visit your hotel, hotel chain, campsite or holiday club:

Offer welcome gifts to children

It is common knowledge that these days, children's opinions play an important role when choosing family holidays. So it is important to take care of children and welcome them properly when they visit your restaurant or hotel. The idea is to offer a surprise gift or a surprise toy to children in order to welcome them as soon as they arrive at your hotel. This can be a children's welcome kit that's packed with surprises: colouring, pencils, the 7 families game, a postcard, a book, a balloon, a constructiongame. We can help you create your welcome kit by selecting the products that are best suited to your needs. The idea is to make both the children and the parents happy during their stay at your hotel.

You can also leave the children's welcome kit in the family's room in order to surprise them as soon as they enter their room.

Welcome gifts for children can be customised with your brand, to differentiate you from your competitors.

Let your customers know about your children's welcome offer:

Your hotel, hotel chain, campsite or holiday club is concerned about childcare and you offer equipment and products for children, it is important to let that be known! Start by letting your customers know about your children's offer directly in your hotel. You can place display stands near the reception desk, at the entrance of the establishment, so that they are displayed in the most visible place for your customers to see.  You can even add a desk stand.

Also let customers know on your site and your social networks. Register your establishments for free on our guide of good addresses for families.

Provide high chairs and booster seats for children who visit your hotel:

It is important that you provide high chairs and booster seats for children in your dining rooms  so that children can sit at the table comfortably.

For camping, provide high chairs or booster seats in the bungalows for your customers who have families. 

Install a changing table in the sanitary facilities

Choose the table that is the most suitable for your toilets.  A foldablewall changing table, a changing table unit or a baby changing surface.  Our products comply with the collective and European standards in force.

Make children's equipment available in family rooms

Make your customers' stay easier by offering them a cot, a baby bed, a potty, a bathtub and  a buggy. Your customers will travel lighter and feel more relaxed.

Children's areas in lobbies

Create children's areas with reading corners and children'sfurniture. Organise creative activities for children to do in order to keep them occupied during their stay.

Need advice?

Welcome Family will help you with your work, and with the development of your family offer.