Respect, Gratitude, Good mood

Respect for our customers, their dreams, their challenges, their constraints

Respect for our team and the personalities of each individual

Respect for all our suppliers

Gratitude Thank you to all the customers who trust us.

Gratitude Thank you for the simplicity of our exchanges between: suppliers, acquaintances, friends, team, etc.

Gratitude Thank you to people who work for us AND with us

Good mood Transcending the professional relationship with a warm and friendly environment

Good mood A smile to every moment, and our good mood.

Good mood Take bad professional moments with a firm hand but always with a smile.

"The child at the heart of our concerns"



Our Commitment

"Our permanent objective is to offer new ideas for eco-designed objects to our customers by

operating most of these levers: recycled materials, sustainable materials, material savings, economy

in volume, reusable materials and positive impact on child development.

We tend to favour a second life for the products we put on the market."

Our achievements in Eco-design

  • Elimination of polybags (plastic overwrapping) and replacement with a printed kraft envelope or individual kraft box only if necessary.
  • Reduce the weight and volume of our products to limit the cost of transport and thus its carbon cost (e.g.: Reducing the weight of our McDonald's high chair by 700g by a more hollow design of the tray (saving on transport and materials).
  • Offer to our customers alternatives to plastic.
  • A range of toys without plastic (cardboard, wood...)
  • Relocate by systematically offering our customers an alternative local production solution to China: Europe and or France.
  • Grouping of orders (filling a whole container instead of several small transports)
  • Information to the final consumer on the correct way to recycle goodies at the end of their use, clearly indicating their composition and the recommended recycling solutions.
  • Favour commercial discount proposals when faced with a customer who is not entirely satisfied with the final product on delivery instead of reproducing and throwing away the goods.

Our achievements Second Life Operation

  • Reconditioning of products and thus promoting the circular economy (e.g. : broken ball machines are collected from our customers, reconditioned and resold at a lower price).
  • Recycling of samples to offer to children during drawing contests.

Our achievements regarding reduction of paper waste, recycling and reduction of the carbon footprint in the company

  • Rationalization of printing : reduction of the printing volume, double-sided printing, sending of documents by mail at most.
  • We use, as far as possible, paper from European "eco responsible products" or eco-labels for printing our documents and recycle our draft sheets by reusing them to make our internal draft notebooks.
  • Collection and recycling of inks and consumables (toners, cartridges...).
  • Visual logo inviting not to print at the bottom of each email.
  • Promote Chat, internally and externally, to send emails
  • Drive sharing with suppliers
  • Communication : web media favoured, paper communication represents less than 10% of our total com.
  • No use of plastic bottles by employees (a personal water bottle is offered by the company to each new employee), nor a water fountain.
  • We provide recycling bins (paper/cardboard/plastic/household waste) in the offices.
  • Reuse of our cardboard boxes for reconditioning

Our achievements Developing a company travel plan

  • Privileged train travel (instead of airplane), mutualisation of appointments in case of travel, privileged video conferences, teleworking.
  • Meals on site or in a carpooling team

Our achievements in reducing energy consumption

  • Reduced power consumption with the use of LED bulbs
  • Sleeps on computers after X time of use, 100% laptop use (50 to 80% less power consumption than a desktop computer).
  • Turn off all computers at night


Our Commitment

"We want to redistribute some of our profits and expertise to support the most disadvantaged children in life."

"We are committed to creating an atmosphere conducive to group cohesion and to promoting the well-being of our employees within the company."

Our achievements 

  • Redistribution of part of our profits to associations dedicated to children's aid ( ex : " operation 10€/chair sold to the Ronald McDonald foundation)
  • Product donations to associations such as Louis Jules and Company, Association Lea, Les Blouses Roses, Maisons Ronald McDonald...
  • Financial donations to associations (e.g. Action contre la Faim, Les Blouses Roses)
  • The whole team participates in sporting challenges for the benefit of associations (ex: inter-company sports challenge of the association Pôle Sainte Victoire for the benefit of "gueriduncancer").

Our achievements Skill/Probono sponsorship

  • IUT Aix Marseille : Gracious intervention of the President Frédéric Martz every year to raise awareness among young people about starting a business.
  • Advice, free coaching and cash-flow facilities offered to young developing companies such as "Morphee", "OPPI", "Clip It", "Game Plak".
  • Calling on social inclusion groups such as WCBs/WSAs

Our achievements Caring, prevention and well-being of our employees

  • Nature-oriented framework
  • Sports activities twice a week (muscle building, yoga...) paid for by the company.
  • Relaxation activities once a month (massages...) paid for by the company.
  • Lunch all together every Friday (restaurant, barbecue...) paid for by the company.
  • Organisation of seminars and teambuilding on a regular basis.
  • Internal competition open to all employees "Creativity Day" to propose ideas for games, toys or equipment for children which will then be budgeted and put into production to be proposed to our customers.
  • Development of skills and management through training courses regularly offered to employees.
  • Information, support and help for employees who wish to invest in the CSR approach.


Our Commitment

"Our principles are based on several texts including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our achievements

Respect for Human Rights

  • Annual request for the BSCI rating from our suppliers

Stable relationships with our suppliers

We favour long-lasting and trusting relationships with our suppliers, a guarantee of success and security for our customers.

Favouring local players and "Made in France

We systematically propose to our customers an alternative local production solution to China: Europe and or France.


Our Commitment

"Our fight: To defend the well-being of families by making them feel welcome."

Our achievements

  • WelcomeFamily Label
  • Present on social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Blog on our site
  • "Drawing Competition" for children in the restaurant and hotel chains customers rewarded with gifts in quarterly draws.