Why you should consider offering arts and crafts activities to kids in your hotel or restaurant?

Cutting, colouring, construction games or kites: our creative leisure kits are designed to encourage children to participate in activities, and to keep them occupied in your hotel or restaurant. It is always a good idea also to develop their creativity and imagination, and that way make their parents happy too.

What can be offered to children, between the ages of 1 and 4 as a creative leisure kit, in a hotel or restaurant?

At this age, children usually discover painting, or colouring. They are also becoming interested in some activities to develop motor skills in general, such as cutting, cube assembly, etc. They also enjoy some small DIY activities.

Like all hotel or restaurant owners, you probably do everything in your power to ensure that children are welcomed in good conditions. But to help kids acquire new knowledge and skills while improving their well-being and self-confidence, and to keep them busy, it is worth encouraging them to engage in creative leisure activities.

Here we will explain the many benefits of  offering creative activities to children in your hotel or restaurant.

Creative leisure to learn while having fun

One of the first benefits of creative leisure activities for children is that they allow them, through play, to acquire new knowledge. Whether it's creating an origami shape, colouring a placemat, or playing with construction games, manual activities will help children discover shapes, colours and a few notions of geometry in space.

Moreover, there is no age limit to learn through creative leisure, since you will easily find activities adapted to the youngest and the oldest, offering an educational dimension through play...

Develop imagination and communication

Another benefit of creative leisure is the development of children's creativity. Through simple choices such as the colours, shapes, supports or materials, the kid can affirm its own choices, tastes and aspirations.

By using creativity, he will be able to let his imagination express itself in a non-verbal way and discover a new way to express his emotions and feelings.

The practice of creative leisure also helps the child to focus on a specific task and to gain confidence by doing something on his or her own.

Improve fine motor skills

One of the many learning experiences of childhood is that of fine motor skills, corresponding to the evolution of the ability to manipulate objects in an increasingly precise way. However, manual activities are ideal to help them better control their hands and movements in order to gain dexterity.

Through simple crafts, children will learn to use different tools to create. Whether it is felt pens, brushes, paper with different textures, or cutting tools, they offer a whole range of instruments to introduce your children to.

Initiation to art

Finally, it goes without saying that creative leisure activities have an artistic dimension in their own right. Thus, by offering children the opportunity to try drawing, painting, molding or any other creative activity, you open the doors to art in general and help them develop their own artistic sensitivity.

The Welcome Family collection of leisure kits

In this collection, you will find the main activities mentioned above. However, the kits and packs have been specially designed to be adapted to children. For example, instead of proposing to paint with a brush, you could propose a coloring activity with a felt pen!

You can also find drawing kits! You will have understood it, in this beautiful collection, you will find something to keep children busy in your establishment, in a creative way.

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