WelcomeFamily helps restaurant owners who offer meal delivery / take-away meals during the period of confinement

WelcomeFamily, the leader in kids friendly products to welcome children in hotels ans restaurants, is helping restaurant owners, who are severely hit by the current period of confinement that is currently affecting the UK. Indeed, many of them are maintaining their activity by offering  take-away, or providing delivery. WelcomeFamily - which works with thousands of restaurants throughout the year - wants to support restaurateurs in this unprecedented situation, providing them with a "family" offer for delivery: lunch boxes, colourings, puzzles, memory games... activities for the youngest ones that will certainly have an impact on the older ones. Because engagement is a synonym for solidarity, WelcomeFamily offers its customers packs of 100 New York bags from its range of eco-designed products.

During the pandemic, home delivery is authorized.

Food service operators can "stay open either for take-away sales or for direct home delivery". The rules have been made very clear (avoid any contact between the kitchen and the deliveryman, opt for contactless delivery) and restaurateurs are trying to limit the economic consequences of this confinement as much as possible.  

 Most restaurants are not yet equipped with delivery solutions: some restaurants use social networks or other solutions to contact their regular customers, to inform them that they are making take-away meals and pre-orders that can be picked up at the restaurant. We must manage our way through this difficult period in an atmosphere of sharing and solidarity.  At Welcome Family, we wanted to support the restaurateurs, and advise them on the best approach to improve welcoming of their family clientele.

Home delivery, a long-term trend

Home food delivery has grown in recent years. About 50% of the English people already had their food delivered at their home or office. These figures are booming, however, and are even more impressive when it comes to young companies...

And this market, generally made up of traditional or fast food restaurants, continues to grow

Takeaways have been a popular form of dining in Britain for a long time. Takeaway and delivered food sales today is a major revenue stream for the UK restaurant industry thanks to online ordering. With the emergence of online ordering technology and companies dedicated to restaurant delivery, the market has entered a new era. In the UK, 7.5 billion food deliveries were made in 2019. The amount of meal deliveries ordered online has increased dramatically.

For this reason it is key for  restaurant owners, and for all the players in the food industry, such as caterers, pastry cooks... craftsmen in general, to position themselves in this market!

According to this study, more than 2 out of 3 orders are placed by an aggregator (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat...) or a virtual restaurant.

WelcomeFamily is offering "New Yorker" colouring bags made of recycled paper that will be filled with games for children.

Since 2011, WelcomeFamily has been helping restaurant owners to improve the reception of families by offering equipment for childcare (changing tables, high chairs, booster seats, etc.) as well as games and toys to keep our little ones occupied during a meal in a restaurant. While the company, recently launched its range of eco-designed games, the period of confinement has immediately generated in the team a desire to support and accompany all those involved in the restaurant business. Currently, WelcomeFamily, offers to its customers, for 1 set of 240 toys purchased, 1 set of 100 New Yorker bags.

Families are very sensitive to the toys offered to their children. And, in this period of confinement, we are sure that parents will appreciate these gifts from their restaurant owners even more.  According to Frédéric Martz - co-founder of WelcomeFamily, the decision to give away these eco-designed krafts bags will allow restaurateurs to offer desserts, cutlery or toys for the youngest ones.

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