Welcome products or amenities for hotels, restaurants, fast foods

Welcome products or amenities are  increasingly demanded by guests of hotels, restaurants, fast foods...

Acquiring amenities considerably improves your image with your clients. You don't need to be a big hotel or restaurant chain, and any hotel or restaurant business can include them in their offer.

People like to feel and be treated as unique, so any company effort to make a gift will result in increased customer loyalty and recommendations. There is no doubt that a company can emphasize the feeling of exclusivity of a service, thus efficiently creating commercial differentiation.  

Promotional gifts are offered by companies to their regular and/or potential customers in order to encourage them to try or get to know the productservices they offer, as well as to obtain a greater number of customers, give more visibility to their corporate image or increase their sales.

Why offering kids amenities?

These gifts are offered to families as a loyalty strategy, because it is obvious that between a company that offers gift products (even if they are a small detail) and a brand that shows no interest in its customers, the public will always choose the first one.

Similarly, it is worth mentioning that original advertising gifts stand out for being a really powerful and effective advertising tool, since in addition to being products that have the name and logo of the brand, they are useful for kids who receive them.

What are original promotional gifts used for?

Original promotional gifts consist of an effective and continuous means of communication between the company and its customers, since it is evident that the words "free" and "gift" manage to capture the attention and interest of the public during a visit to your establishment. 

Original promotional gift options

Below we present some options that are surely very appropriate to be used within promotional campaigns.

We can produce kids friendly welcome products that are personalised for your establishment. Welcome Family's range of personalised products is declined as follows:

- Personalised children's menu boxes

- Personalised colouring books. You can also choose from our different models and place your own logo.

- Personalised  boxes of colored pencils

- Personalised toys: top, yo-yo, personalised card game....

- Personalised balls: choose the colour that corresponds to you and the logo that you wish to print.

Find out more visiting our online boutique.

For all requests please, contact us on 00 33 4 42 50 17 10 or by email


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