The rose-coloured blouses

Life can sometimes be marred by difficult times. Support, sharing, joy and hope are essential to help us get out of these difficult times. This is the mission of an organisation called Les Blouses Roses. We wanted to introduce you to this organisation and tell you more about its history and how it aims to make the lives of adults and children better.

Looking at life through rose-coloured blouses

Since 1944, the organisation, Les Blouses Roses has been fighting against the loneliness, sadness and blues that hospitalised children and elderly people in retirement homes often suffer from. Founded by Marguerite Perrin, by creating this association, she aims to promote recovery through entertainment and joy. To regain that energy and liveliness, you have to be active. It is with this in mind that Les Blouses Roses encourage being active in order to bring moments of happiness and optimism to the sick and the elderly.

The organisation, Les Blouses Roses is: :

- 5000 volunteers

- 450,000 hospitalized children visited each year

- 400,000 elderly people visited each year

- 330 cities in France

- 600 hospitals and retirement homes

- 95,000 activity sessions

The Blouses Roses

What better way to fight the blues that has fallen upon the young and old than to add a touch of colour to their lives. Pink, synonymous with happiness, tenderness and gentleness, has been chosen to represent this organisation. Inside the neutral world of the hospital, you will be able to recognise the volunteers of this organisation from thousands.  They proudly wear their bright pink blouses designed by Agatha Ruiz de La Prada. An orange heart is used to represent the people who care for hospitalised children and the elderly with joy, love, generosity and creativity during their free time.


The Roses commitment

By accompanying white and green blouses (health professionals), the Pink coloured Blouses work towards making hospitals and retirement homes real places to live. In difficult times of illness, loneliness or the monotony of everyday life, simple attention can bring a touch of comfort. The actions of the Association des Blouses Roses will bring happiness and joy to young and old alike. To do so, volunteers visit and organize activities adapted to the sick, the handicapped and the elderly. They can take the form of:

- Creative workshops: through drawing, painting, handicrafts... the Blouses Roses offer activities to keep the children busy and allow relationships and discussions to be developed between different people.

- Fun workshops: volunteers entertain young and old with musical shows, puppets, clown shows or dancing teas.

- Recreational workshops: DIY, gardening, cooking... are simple aspects of everyday life that everyone enjoys.

Pink Volunteers

To carry out these missions, the Association des Blouses Roses is composed of more than 5000 volunteers who reserve part of their free time for sick children and the elderly. Because being Blouses Roses means having a certain know-how and the ability to listen and share in order to have the right actions in the face of illness and difficult situations. The association offers its volunteers training to prepare them. Whether it is on bereavement support, facilitating workshops or meeting people with Alzheimer's disease.

Welcome Family gets into Roses

We share with the Association des Blouses Roses the importance of the well-being and happiness of children. That is why it was essential for us to help this organization with a donation. A small participation which, accompanied by your donations, will allow them to expand and offer hospitalized children and the elderly ever more numerous moments of joy and sharing.

Make a donation to the association

Every donation is necessary. If you also want to support the actions of the Blouses Roses, you can visit the association's website. All your donations will make it possible:

- to strengthen the presence of the association, which is still little known at the national level,

- to help in the accompaniment by allowing to create more workshops and animation,

- to visit more and more hospitals and retirement homes

- to train more volunteers every day

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