The Kraft bag, a  new alternative to the Lunchbox!

Kraft Paper Bags are a popular choice among retailers, but what if we could use it in restaurants?

How to welcome kids in your hotel or restaurant? Whether you manage a restaurant, hotel, fast food, snack bar, camping, cruise or any other place that welcomes children, offering a children's menu is a great way to build family customer loyalty. A meal adapted to the taste of the little ones, a surprise toy to entertain them during the meal, all wrapped in a playful packaging and it is done. For that reason, Welcome Family launched the Kraft New York bag.

The Kraft bag for children's menus

Present your children's menus in an original way with the Kraft bag. The latter is an alternative to the cardboard lunchbox. Made from kraft paper, this food packaging takes up very little space when folded. This makes it easy to store in your facility but also reduces logistics costs. It is also an ideal material for food Furthermore, this product is more eco-friendly and economical, with its simple design, a reference to New York. It will match perfectly any hotels and restaurant decorations.

Children will appreciate to see their meal coming in a fun and entertaining packaging. On both sides of the Kraft bag, Welcome Family printed games that keep children busy and entertained. In addition, you can add a surprise toy inside the bag to complete your children's formula. Enough to make happy the little ones among your family customers.

Sachet Kraft - l'alternative à la lunchbox

The advantages of kraft bags

In Europe, the law prohibiting the use of plastic bags has already entered into force. For this reason, kraft bags have made a big comeback and are more and more trendy. In addition, kraft bags have several advantages:

- They are environmentally friendly: plastic bags are made from petroleum products while kraft bags are made from organic materials that are 100% environmentally friendly.

- They are recyclable and biodegradable: Kraft bags are made from wood pulp in a process that meets several standards. To this end, they are both recyclable and biodegradable. Thus, they decompose spontaneously in a few weeks without any harmful effect on the environment.

- They are trendy and have a good image: kraft bags are appreciated by consumers. They are widely used and can be used in many sectors (food, retail...).

- They are resistant: the word kraft is a German word for "strength". In addition, kraft bags are characterised by their rigidity and high burst and tear strength.

- They are economical and available: Kraft bags are not expensive

Kraft bag - the alternative to the lunchbox

The Lunchbox, a must-have for family customers.

The Lunchbox remains a very popular product among children. Available in the form of a trunk or a Cadillac car, this welcoming product features children's favourite themes. Dinosaurs, pirates, princesses, surfers... but also their favorite heroes with Star Wars, My Little Pony or Miraculous and Paw Patrol licenses. Something to make your small customers dream.

You can aldo add a surprise toy to this meal box to complete your children's meal formula. It can also be used as a welcome gift by offering it to children when they arrive at your hotel or restaurant.

Lunchbox for children's menu

Improve the way you welcome children with the  New York  kraft bag and the lunchbox. Taking care of children means winning customers in a hotel or restaurant. Find out these products on our shop.

Lunchbox pour menu enfant

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