The baby changing table, a strategic item to welcome families in your hotel or restaurant

This week, we are talking about the changing table. If you want to welcome families in your establishments, one of the first accessories to offer is a baby changing table.

Why is it essential to offer a changing table in your hotel or restaurant?

The changing table allows parents to change their child safely during a meal or a stay at your home. It is usually located in the sanitary area of your establishment, so that parents can enjoy some privacy, but also comfort.

Baby comfort and safety in hotel and restaurants.

Confort et sécurité des bébés dans les établissements CHR

Which changing table should you choose?

For the comfort of your customers, we have developed a wall changing table, taht is oriented horizontally, and closes against the wall. Thus, it allows you to optimize the space as much as possible, while ensuring optimal security for your customers, in compliance with the collective standards in force. It is made of HDPE plastic, so it is hypoallergenic and guarantees maximum comfort for its users.

When opened, it measures 49.5cm high x 85.5cm long x 58.5cm wide. Once closed, it measures only 58.5cm high x 85.5cm long x 9cm thick.

Wall mounted changing table for hotels, restaurants

If your sanitary facilities are rather narrow or iif you do not have a wall wide enough to accommodate this changing table, we also offer other types of products on our site. For example, you can find the wall changing table, which opens vertically. You can also find our various counter mattresses, to be added on a flat surface, such as a piece of furniture, a work surface, or a table.

Changing table for for hotels, restaurants

However, many institutions still do not have aany dequate equipment to accommodate families with young children. If you don't have a changing table yet, don't hesitate to buy one either. This type of essential accessory will allow you to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is all the more important if your target group is family.

Discover now our range of changing tables for hotels and restaurants  professionals!!

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