Surprise capsule dispensers in kids friendly hotels and restaurants

Surprise eggs madness has taken over the planet. Often, surprise eggs are a form of confection offered as chocolate egg containing a small toy originally intended for children. Such eggs have been offered by many companies around the world, and they are also found without chocolate. 

Kids just love them, and some Youtube videos on surprise eggs  have been seen by 600 millions people.

So it might be a good idea to offer capsule dispensers in your establishmennt.

Our coin operated vending machines are automatic machines that distribute surprise capsules.  These machines usually work when some coins are put in a slot. Then, a button needs to be pushed, or a lever pulled. If there is enough money, the selected item will be dropped to a tray, where it can be taken out by the children. 

Toy vending machines in your hotel, restaurant or cafe to welcome kids

The size of the machine is quite small and takes up very limited space. You can place a surprise capsule dispenser  in places attracting families with children such as restaurants, hotels,  cinemas, coffee shops, bars, hotels, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, supermarkets, etc. 

Why place one of our toy vending machines in your establishment?

Additional profit for your business

No electricity

No costs

No maintenance

Additional entertainment for children

Easy operation

Limited space needed

A good way of earning additional profit

Toy vending machines can be an excellent means of earning profit. Depending on the size, and type establishment, profit may vary significantly. Moreover, you could also  contribute to society, and part of your yearly earnings can be  donated to children’s charity.

Do you need a license?

The requirements for obtaining al license may vary according to local councils. You should contact your local council to get more information on that matter.

Choosing the capsules and surprise toys

The products you choose to sell can make a huge difference as to how successful your capsule dispenser will be. You should identify products that can appeal to kids. The range of products you can offer is quite large: keyrings, fancy toys, fancy jewellery….. It is also possible to sell many other related products. 

Choosing the capsule dispensers

Welcome Family offers a large range of capsule dispensers. You can have more information visiting this page, or contacting directly our sales department. Some of our capsule dispensers, such as the Nova capsule dispenser,  are ergonomically designed to move anywhere in a room. The wheels at the bottom of the base allow the user to push the capsule dispenser  wherever it is convenient. 

Collecting craze

It may be a surprise, but  capsules have resulted in  a subculture that includes avid collectors. In February 2007, on eBay, a collection of 90,000 toys extracted from eggs Kinder Surprise was sold for 30,000 €.

In Japan, Waki Kaiyama is an author, TV and radio personality who  began collecting in 1977, the year Gashapon (the Japanese phenomena of capsule dispensers) hit the streets. Capsule dispensers are still very strong 40 years later in Japan. Waki Kaiyama has now has an unbelievable 100,000 capsule toys and is known as the top gachapon collector in Japan. 

So in the UK, apart pleasing kids,  maybe selling capsules in your establishment could result in giving birth to a new breed of collectors. 

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