Our selection of gifts and goodies to boost your restaurant bookings during the holiday season.

This holiday period is an opportunity for your restaurant or hotel and catering establishment. This is the best time of the year to fill the tables of your restaurant!

An amazing moment, with many expectations, special offers and above all, with customers who want to celebrate the holidays and live unforgettable experiences.

To do this, we present you with some gift ideas for your restaurant: your family customers will leave an unforgettable experience, you will be able to retain them, and you will boost your bookings during this holiday season. Gifts are an essential aspect for these dates, and Welcome Family presents its selection.

  • Christmas page marker: Book marker with Christmas patterns, to offer to children who visit your establishment. You will encourage them to read. From 0,50 € HT

  • Christmas pen, made of wood. A timeless classic for this holiday season, a must-have for goodies. From 0,20 € HT.

  • Christmas pendant to colour, to offer to decorate the Christmas tree, or to use as decoration in your hotel or restaurant. 0,83 € HT / unit. Material, wood, different patterns: fir, sock, hood

  • Christmas Colouring Socks: offer this Christmas colouring sock. An ideal gift to offer in a welcome kit or as a surprise on a children's menu. 0,43 € HT

  • Santa Claus backpack: it will surely please the children who attend your establishment. 0,88 € HT
  • Christmas colouring block, 0,90 € HT. This colouring block with its 25 colouring patterns is perfect for children who visit your hotel. 
  • Christmas hat to color, 0,65 € HT. This childcare product for the Christmas holidays is composed of a Christmas cap to color and is sold with a box of 4 greasy pencils.

  • Smiley keychains: a surprise children's menu gift for the Christmas period from 0.58 €.

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