How do airlines manage the reception of their young customers with welcome packs?  

Forget the airline welcome kit, one of the marketing manager's classic ways to attract high-end passengers with high-end gifts.

The new trend for airlines is to offer welcome packs, which include toys, games, puzzles, improved videos and even new meals, all aimed at children.

In catering for young children, airlines assume that a happy child makes happy parents and, above all, happy passengers. After all, sitting next to unruly children is never a good thing on a medium or long-haul flight.

Here are some of the airlines that have opted for this approach for children:

Qatar Airways offers an activity pack for children with crayons, colouring pencils, stickers and a puzzle book. Babies receive a cuddly toy. The airline also offers a new entertainment programme for children. It includes more than two dozen family movies that change every month, and children's television programs such as The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network and BabyTV.

Qantas offers a welcome kit with an activity book, puzzles and word games and even a "Etch a Sketch" toy. On some international flights, youngsters receive colourful non-slip socks that they can wear on board.

Air France: Young passengers aged 3 to 11 who have ordered a children's meal will receive a pastel-colored metal box from Air France cabin crew. The Kids kit, which is available, contains two paper games, Solitaire and Sudoku, 36 magnetic game pieces, an activity booklet, a postcard which can be animated in 3D with the Kids application, five colored pencils and six colored paper clips in the shape of an airplane.

Lufthansa: the company offers a special package for children over 6 years of age, with many fun activities to make the flying experience as entertaining as possible for young people. Inspired by flying aircraft, it focuses on children's fascination with aircraft and encourages them to be creative, making them feel like pilots themselves, especially when filling out their captain's logbook!

Turkish Airlines offers several welcome packages for children. They receive a bag of three sustainably made wooden figurines, such as pandas and soldiers, and a comfort kit including a child-sized helmet, dental kit, socks and slippers. The purpose of the toys and videos offered is to keep children calm and entertained.

On Singapore Airlines, cabin crew distribute toys to children according to their age. Babies, for example, are given stuffed toys, while pre-schoolers are given mini puzzles, and older children are given a Monopoly Deal card game. The airline plans to change the toys quarterly.

Younger passengers can also choose from a children's menu of more than a dozen products, such as a hamburger with fries, fish sticks with diced vegetables and pancakes.

Flying can be a difficult experience for everyone, especially young children. It is also advisable for parents to prepare for the trip to be better accepted during the flight. For example, a small pre-written note to hand out if your child has a temper tantrum.

As consumers, we are increasingly aware of our ecological impact, especially since on international flights it is often difficult to recycle waste for human health and biosecurity reasons.

The demand for green alternatives is being driven by environmentally conscious travellers and regulators. At Welcome Family, we have anticipated this trend through the use of adapted materials and we offer eco-friendly games.

Here is our selection of goodies to make up a welcome pack for children : 

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