Hotel and restaurant goodies: what to choose?

To succeed in the world of hotels and restaurants, you need many things: optimum service, appropriate and up-to-date facilities, a cuisine that generates excitement, the skills to promote your business and build customer loyalty, and the will to succeed.

For sure you already have a winning mentality. You are constantly learning, improving your skills and preparing for success. But 2020 is the year of action. It's the year when you have to take the step to adapt your establishment to the new expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele, when you have to stand out from the fierce competition. By adopting a proactive approach, testing new offers, intensifying marketing efforts, or capturing a new family clientele, you have every chance of succeeding. 

To help you get ahead of the game, we present a list of 6¡5 products that you could offer in your establishment, so that your youngest customers will have a smile on their face, and so will their parents. Here is a list of Welcome Family's current best sellers, which will help you make your establishment kids-friendly.

1. Magic Kit

Kids love magic! Childhood is by definition a fairy-tale world and little magicians will dazzle their parents. The Magic Kit is the all-new surprise toy that has just come out of the Welcome Family hat! 6 magic tricks gathered in a kit to offer to children in their menu or as a welcome gift! A few magic tricks that are sure to please your guests.

2. Cadillac children's menu box 

Present your children's menus in an original way with our Welcome Family lunch boxes. We offer you a wide range of lunchboxes: Pirates, Princesses, Dinosaurs, Marine World, Safari, New York or the best seller of the moment, the Cadillac model. Delivered in packs of 1600 units or 800 units.

3. Stackable wooden high chair for children

Strong and sturdy, this space-saving stackable children's highchair fits all designs and styles, making it perfect for restaurants, cafes, bistros and other establishments in the catering and hospitality industry. Its finish allows for quick and easy cleaning. The children's high chair complies with the standards of the catering industry.

 4. Box of 3 double-headed pastel pencils

This is a perfect surprise gift for children for visiting your hotel or restaurant.  Boxes of 3 double-headed pastel pencils available in 6 colours: red, yellow, green, blue, black and purple. These coloured pencils make excellent welcome gifts and are designed to build loyalty among family customers. They can be used to occupy the children during the meal in your restaurant, or during a stay at the hotel. 

5. Professional wall-mounted horizontal changing table

Welcome Family changing tables are foldable and comply with safety standards. These tables are suitable for professional use and are ideal for hotels, restaurants, communities, cinemas, shopping centres and public places. Suitable for wall installation, they are foldable and have an opening and closing system with a gas spring. Ideal for a Kids friendly establishment.  

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