Halloween knocks at your door!

Autumn has arrived, the leaves are changing colours, and the first ones are starting to fall from the trees. But beware of bad spells if you don't have candy at this time of year because Halloween is at your door. This very popular festival is a real plus for hotels and restaurants. As we are not that bad, we have decided to help you prepare for the arrival of small monsters at your door.

An establishment that is haunted for an evening

Halloween is an opportunity to plan an event that will be remembered by your customers. A good way to improve your image and increase your notoriety so as to build customer loyalty and attract new customers. But for this to happen, it is necessary to adopt the Halloween style. For the time of an evening, make your hotel or restaurant the most frightening place possible. But not too much, you shouldn't make your customers run away!

What would a haunted house be without cobwebs on the ceiling, ghosts crossing walls, evil pumpkins, skeletons walking in the corridors, witches' laughter and black cats. To compete with the haunted castles of Transylvania, Welcome Family offers you a Halloween decoration kit. You can discover a set of garlands with different motifs (ghosts, pumpkins, spiders), balloons in Halloween colours, confetti and many other decorative accessories.

Halloween decorations for hotels, restaurants

With these Halloween decorations, you will make your hotel or restaurant the ideal place for families with children who want to have an unforgettable time. The little monsters will be delighted to be in this terrifying atmosphere... "but not too much."

A monstrous welcome

In "haunted castle", we must not forget the word "haunted". For your evening to be perfect, all the staff at the establishment must play along. Go through a small transformation on a full moon evening and come and torment your hotel or restaurant for an evening. The Halloween style will be complete and the customers satisfied. To help you put on your evening outfit, Welcome Family offers a set of Halloween costume accessories. To make Count Dracula jealous, proudly wear vampire dentures. If you are more of a werewolf team or witch team, this accessory is perfect as a gift in children's menus or in a welcome kit.

Dentier de vampire pour hôtels, restaurants

Vampire dentures for hotels, restaurants

Because welcoming children is essential to build customer loyalty in a hotel or restaurant establishment, it is important to have a few surprises in store for them. In addition to traditional candies and other sweets, you can offer them surprise toys in their children's menus or welcome gifts. These are attentions that will be appreciated by adults and children alike. In order to stay in the Halloween theme, vampire and Frankenstein masks are the ideal choice. 

Halloween masks for children in hotels and restaurants

With these few tips, your establishment will be ready for Halloween. Feel free to share with us your most beautiful Halloween decorations and your most frightening costumes on our social networks.Masques d'Halloween pour enfants dans les CHR

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