Goodies for the post-Covid era with Welcome Family

We have entered what some call the "new normal": a world where our way of working and interacting is different, at least temporarily. Whether you are thinking about your colleagues or clients, or the pets you will receive in your hotel or restaurant, Welcome Family offers practical solutions for these new ways of living and working that are as simple, safe and carefree as possible.

With this in mind, we have created a selection of products. Whether you need goodies for your colleagues who work remotely, or goodies to offer to your clients in complete safety, our wide range covers everything your target demographic might need.

We've grouped these categories together so that you can easily (and quickly!) find what you're looking for.

Entertaining children in your establishment

Whether for personal games, creative activities, or specific areas, children's goodies are an excellent option for building loyalty or capturing a family clientele that is sensitive to this type of gesture. But health criteria must also be taken into account. We offer you a selection of articles specially adapted to children's entertainment, in complete safety. Products for personal use, or easily washable are some of the options we offer .

With an emphasis on personal hygiene and preventing the spread of bacteria, hotels and restaurants should consider investing in health-conscious promotional products to ensure the well-being of their staff and guests. 

Promotional products for working from home

Make remote work a little easier for your colleagues and customers with our range of must-have products.

As many people are currently working from home, there is no better time to invest in goodies that will help these new home-based workers keep their children occupied with fun or promotional activities.  

Our range of goodies has been designed to entertain children, and we have the perfect items for every age group. From smileys to educational games, colouring sets and much more, we have what you need.

We offer products that are perfectly sized for mailing. 

Maintain tangible contact with your customers

You may not have direct contact with your customers for a while, but you can always send them real attention. Remind them of your company by sending them carefully selected goodies for their children. 

You want to show how much you and your company appreciate the work of your colleagues and the loyalty of your customers or employees.  

Social distancing products for schools

Essential items to make the return to school as safe as possible for your students and staff.

From colouring kits to erasable pencil kits, we have all the items you might need to make the back-to-school experience as safe as possible. 

Virtual Meetings 

Businesses have had to adapt to find new ways of communicating with customers in what some call the new normal. Organizing meetings and participating in events via video communication platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangout is becoming increasingly popular. 

With this in mind, browse through our range of must-have items to best represent your brand, as well as promotional gifts that can help you get your message across long after you've logged out. From badges, notepads, or personalized pencils, we have all the essentials you'll need.

Goodies for contactless deliveries

Whether you've recently launched an online delivery service for your restaurant, or you want to make sure your regular delivery processes are as safe as possible, we have the promotional items to help you. We have items that will delight your customers and also generate lasting brand awareness for your establishment. 

See something you'd like us to address? Send an email to and we'll see how we can help you!

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