It is not always easy to keep your children occupied during confinement, a real challenge! So we decided to suggest fun games, easy to make DIYs and online gaming sites.

Let's go for activities to share with your family.

1.  Board games

7 Families


A classic, the game of the 7 families works on memory and observation. A 42-card deck that includes seven families of six cards each, the grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son and daughter.

If you don't have the game, you can create the cards, another activity that keep kids entertained. 

-First, cut out 42 cards 7 x 15 cm from cardboard or cardboard sheets.

-Choose 7 families with your children. For example, the Bonnet family or the Big Ears family. Let your little ones draw scarves or big ears for a family by making the grandfather, the grandmother the father, the mother, the son and the daughter.

-If you have the material you can also create montages with photos of your family and use them as cards.

 Who am I?

The famous "Who am I?", if you don't know it, the rule is quite simple. Each player has to think of a real or fictional character and players have to guess who it is. Starting with the youngest player, he will ask a question to the person on his right to guess his character and this one must answer yes or no. Then it's the turn of the person who just answered the question to ask a question and so on. When the character is guessed, the player loses the game.

The last character who remains until the end of the game without being discovered wins the game and can give a token to a person of his choice. 

 Memory Game

The"Memory" game was developed by Welcome Family with its characters. It is a card game, the cards are all laid face down and two cards turned face up on each turn. The objective is to find the same two cards. If the cards are not identical, they must be turned face down in their original position. The goal is to find the identical cards.

2.  Podcast stories 

Welcome Family would like to recommend podcasts for the little ones and those who are so young. Every week, a story read from a children's literature book is available on the shows.acast website "encore une histoire". Podcasts are completely free, a simple way to keep your children occupied, especially if you are teleworking,so that you have time to concentrate !

3.   Cooking

Easy and illustrated recipes

To keep up with digital discoveries, here is the channel Chef Bambino. Recipes presented as cartoons, original and dietetic recipes. Cooking with the whole family is always a lot of fun, but the most important thing is still the moment of tasting. So get to your pots!

4.      DIY & Colouring


The art of bending is not always simple, but easy shapes exist and are just waiting to be created. There are multiple tutorials on the web. 

Here is an example of an origami bird:



Get colouring, with markers or crayons, a sheet of paper and off you go. If you are lacking inspiration, this website site allows you to print templates for free.

Otherwise you can get your child to participate in the 8th edition of the Welcome Family drawing competition. It's very simple, download the template on our site, have your child fill it in and then always on our site fill in the registration form. To know more about it click here

5.      Online games 

jeux en ligne.png

Computer games are ok, but only if usage is limited. Here is a selection of 3 sites that offer online games for your children.

Jacquote offers free online games for children from 6 years old. Several categories available, logic and puzzle games, educational games and others that are simply funThe Montréal Science Centre offers various games that will pique your children's curiosity. Topics include current events such as climate change. You can also discover different jobs. A great way to discover and pass the time.

The StarStable game for animal lovers and especially horses. Players create a character and a horse and then take care of it, they can build pens, but also clean the park. They can acquire new animals. Missions are offered at each level. A beautiful universe!




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