Drawing contest in hospitals

On Thursday 23rd January took place the first edition of the drawing competition in paediatric wards. This event was organized in partnership with the Association Léa to improve the experience of children and parents in hospitals. Discover the story underlying this beautiful adventure. 

The Association Léa, together with the fairy Léa

Since 2013, the members of the association, supported by the little fairy Lea on her pink cloud, have been helping families whose children are affected by illness or disability. Thanks to many activities, the association helps and guides parents and children on a psychological and administrative level.

This association which has become national and is made up of more than 100 volunteers and 50 hospitals . In order to give small signs of hope and support to children and parents, the association acts in several areas:

- in hospitals to improve daily life through activities and workshops

with families by providing financial and moral support.

- by raising the awareness of the public authorities by proposing advances in the care of families whose children are affected by the disease or are disabled.

Association Léa et Welcome Family

A drawing competition held in paediatric wards

The story between the association Léa and Welcome Family began a little over a year ago with a donation of boxes of crayons. These boxes were added to the play book that the members of the association Léa created for the pediatric services.

Today, a new chapter is opening with the drawing competition in hospitals. An event that began during a visit by the association to the Welcome Family premises. Through drawing, the children will be able to bring their favourite superhero to life, and of course, many gifts will be given to them. Enough to spend and share a moment of joy. 

Concours dessin dans les hôpitaux    

The premiere in Avignon

The premiere of the drawing competition took place on January 23rd, 2020 at the Avignon hospital. Our team joined the members of the association Léa and the medical staff to spend an afternoon with the children of the paediatric ward. In the playroom and in the rooms, the children were able to show us their drawing talent. Magnificent superheroes came to life thanks to the pencil strokes of the budding artists.

"It is so beautiful to see  smiles on the faces of the children and their parents. We are very happy to have brought happiness and cheerfulness to their day. A beautiful lesson in life :)"

Emilie REINARD, Marketing Manager at Welcome Family

This beautiful day ended with the awards ceremony. A mountain of gifts awaited all the children who participated. And our big winners also left with big prizes.

Cadeaux du concours dessin      

The other dates

So that many children can win their gift and have a great time drawing, this operation will be repeated on several dates and in different hospitals throughout France:

- February 1st in Chartres

- February 5 in Valenciennes and Tourcoing

- February 7 in Lenval

- February 8 in Argenteuil

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    • frederic martz
    • 2020-02-14 15:31:36
    tellement important de penser aux enfants qui souffre mais garde le sourire

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