Colouring, the art of entertaining children in restaurants

Sometimes it is good to get back to basics. Colouring and drawing are two of the oldest and simplest activities we do, but they are also extremely beneficial. In fact, coloring is a fun and inexpensive way to relax. Children, and parents,  can benefit from it in many ways when having lunch at your restaurant. 

Colouring develops fine motor skills and is educational

Colouring and drawing help children improve their fine motor skills. Colouring and drawing also form the brain to concentrate. 

For those looking for fun and intelligent ways to entertain children as well as to integrate educational elements, coloring and drawing can also do the trick. With young children, coloring can be done with books and drawings that correspond to their interests and abilities. In both cases, learning can be introduced depending on the child's age and ability. For example, children can "Count the number of trains on the coloring" or "Name all the different animals in the picture". You can focus on learning numbers, colours, geography, history and even spelling. Similarly, parents can ask children to draw a scene from their favourite book.

Coloriage pour les hôtels, restaurants

Colouring in children's menus

Colouring not only allows you to express yourself, but it is also a way of entertaining, creating, occupying and relieving stress. For children, constantly willing to learn, sit around and do nothing during a meal is very difficult. This is why it is important for a hotel or restaurant that wishes to improve the reception of families with children, to offer them , at different ages, colourings as an activity. While a younger child will appreciate the shapes and colours, older children will focus more on the realistic side of painting. 

Welcome Family colouring books  have been written specifically for children, and they aimed at keeping the little ones busy while eating. 

Colouring, the art of entertaining children in restaurants!

Colouring not only is a means of expression, but it is also a way to entertain, créate,  occupy and relieve stress. Children are constantly willing to lear, and are looking for new things they could try, or even discove.  Seating around and doing nothing for a meal is very difficult. This is why it is important for a hotel or restaurant that wishes to welcome families with children, to offer them, in addition to optimal comfort, something they could  enjoy. And what could be better than coloring?

For that reason we have developed a range of colourins  to keep children busy during meals in hotels and restaurants. Because a happy child makes  a happy parent, which will result customers more  loyal. Our  colouring notebooks bring together the favourite themes of young customers. Both girls and boys will be able to bring  a marine world to life, meet the king of the savannah in a Safari, rule an enchanted kingdom and experience so many other adventures. As a bonus, a surprise awaits them in each colouring book.

The Welcome Family drawing competition

For the past 3 years, we have been organizing a drawing competition to reward creativity of young budding artists. The idea is to give opportunity to children to draw their favorite superhero. That's why, to participate in our "Big Drawing Contest", children from 3 to 12 years old must invent, propose and draw the super hero of their dreams. It is up to them to impress us with heroes with the most extraordinary powers, the most colourful, deformed heroes, from elsewhere, those who would be worthy of saving the world from the bad guys. Because great power implies great responsibilities.

In each colouring kit there is a participation form with the basic model of each drawing. 

To participate, children must visit our kidsfriendly restaurant partners.

Gagnants concours dessin Welcome Family

With the coloured pencils provided by the restaurateur or hotelier, the children will have to let their imagination run wild and then send us the drawing by visiting our website.

If you want to become a kidsfriendly hotel and participate the drawing competition, contact us for colouring kits and other welcome products and children's equipment.

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