"Frozen 2", which premiered on November 22, explores the background of the royal family and promises to answer some of the fans' questions, such as the source of Elsa's formidable magic. Frozen 2 aims to make the box office freeze with an impressive debut. Industry sources point out that the long-awaited movie could earn $100 million in its debut on November 22nd.

The first "Frozen" (2013) prevailed as the best animation film of all time, and joined the billion dollar club at the worldwide box office with 1.3 billion dollars spent worldwide. Only the "Lion King" stole the crown in 2020.  Frozen became an absolute phenomenon: the music, the characters and the stories really resonated.

The film's success was all the more remarkable because, unlike the very lucrative series of real action versions of the Disney classics, "Frozen" was an entirely new brand.

And that is something important, because one thing is to do it with the relaunch of Disney's classic stories, and another very different thing is to create a new story and make it one of the biggest studio franchises of all time.

 "Frozen" has since driven its own Broadway musical, as well as amusement park rides, toys, books and video games. 

The growing importance of merchandising and derived products

Although merchandising had been around for a long time, it wasn't important compared to box-office revenues. Today, the business of goods and services with licensed brands is almost eight times that of cinema.

This expansion can be seen in everyday life. You only have to visit any toy or clothing store to see manyt varieties of products with licensed brands, from the classics of a lifetime like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny to the latest series and movies. 

Few companies have been more adept at creating brands than the Walt Disney Corporation, the world's largest licensor. The evolution of the Burbank giant is revealing of the changing objectives of trademarks. After 60 years concentrating on the production of children's characters, during the last decade the firm went on a shopping spree: in 2009 it took over Marvel, one of the two big names in the world of comics, for 2.8 billion euros. Three years later he acquired LucasFilm, George Lucas' film production company, for 3.125 million euros, an operation that earned him the jewel in the crown: Star Wars. 

It all began in 1929 - curiously the same year as the great crash of the New York Stock Exchange - when the company allowed Mickey Mouse's image to be used on a children's table. It all started by chance, because Walt Disney found himself in the hotel lobby with a salesman who offered him money to use Mickey Mouse. Disney needed the money then, so they took the deal. Disney would receive for those products 2.5% of the profits on a royalty basis if they cost less than 50 cents or 5% if they cost more.

Today Disney is the world's leading licensor and has managed to bring its brand to all kinds of products and segments.

The reasons for the success of Disney merchandising goods

When we think of children's films, family lifestyles, vacation spots, merchandising and entertainment, we think of Disney. How has Disney garnered such success across so many industries? Simply put, their magical storytelling has cultivated an emotional brand connection with its customers

This sense of emotional loyalty means that customers are engaged, associate consistent positive feelings with the brand, and evangelize the brand to their friends and family. Customers who are emotionally loyal to a brand have proven to spend more on its products. A study by CapGemini showed that 70% of emotionally engaged consumers spend at least twice the amount of money on brands they are loyal to, compared to less than half than (49%) of consumers with low emotional engagement.

Frozen 2: offer Disney products in your restaurant, fast food, snack....

Welcome Family offers a range of products licensed under the Frozen 2 name. Benefit from the Frozen 2l effect, and offer these products to your young customers in your hotel and restaurant. A great way to build customer loyalty!

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