9 activities for a kids friendly hotel

Quality customer service, qualified staff, a good reputation and other assets are not enough for hotels to generate significant revenue. Consideration should also be given to building customer loyalty and development; to do so, hotels should consider offering a variety of activities for children.

Children tend to have overwhelming energies, so it's important to make sure that your hotel offers different types of entertainments so that they can enjoy them.

When going on holiday with their family, many customers will be choosing a place where the children are not bored and where there are fun activities and facilities prepared for them.

Here is a list of kids friendly activities that might be proposed in your establishment: 

Games and video games room

An entertainment room is essential for every kid friendly hotel. 

The older ones choose to spend hours playing and competing with video games,, while the younger children may enjoy other more typical activities:

- memory games

- board games 

- ping-pong

- facial painting

- film projections

- Workshops and handicrafts

Holidays should be regarded as a great opportunity to expand children imagination and artistic talents. 

Children's creativity is always at its best, so going on vacation with them is more than a simple opportunity for fun. Playing is a serious thing when it comes to a child's health and development. Games enrich the brain, body and life of children in very important ways.

Offering a space for playing and developing relationship, where children can explore and create is always a plus for your establishment.

Play a disguise game

For young children, it is an opportunity to practice dressing skills. When they put on a disguise, children experience what they would like to be later. They can then imagine a "heroic self" in the form of a princess or cartoon character. This disguise also allows them to hide their fragility as children. It gives them the illusion for a moment that they are no longer dependent on an adult, that they are tall, strong, and have exceptional powers.

The children's imagination will be greatly stimulated by this activity, since it is the kid who decides what he or she will wear. This game also helps them  evelop their sense of initiative, because the same material can be used very differently from one time to another.


So as as  to achieve the goal of becoming superheroes, children can:

- Create their own superhero costume

- Train their superpowers

- Doing sport to be very strong

- Learn the dance of the superhero

It is a very creative activity. That is why it is necessary to leave the child free to choose his favourite superhero.

The pirate adventure 

With this activity the children will spend the day:

- Doing crafts and creating their own "Pirate Look."

- Learning the movements to fight like a real pirate

- Look and find the treasure (made up of surprise games)

- And live thousands of adventures!

 The magic of Disney

At your hotel, children will live a full day of Disney Adventure and share smiles with their favorite fairy tale characters...

- They will make handicrafts related to the world of Disney, draw Disney colouring notebooks. 

- Play with the characters from their favorite stories

- They will move to the rhythm of the best known Disney soundtracks.

- And they'll end the day dancing and enjoying a Disney picture.

Bicycle rides

Another of the activities that children love to do are bicycle rides, even more so when it comes to visiting unknown and fun places.

Make sure that as a hotel you can offer a bicycle service, especially if it is a rural place, immersed in nature and if you have beautiful scenery.

This activity is perfect to share with the family and take home a nice souvenir of the place.

Outdoor play area

An outdoor play area that promotes physical activities, contains areas for children to play alone and in a group, encourages the development of imagination,  is a great space where a child can play.

Tobogans, seesaw games, trees on which to climb and build huts, experimental tables to mix different materials and elements of nature ... If you offer a well-prepared environment, children will feel happy and play safely.

The mini chef

Children can cook with your team, as well as: 

- Design their chef's hat and prepare their most stylish apron

- They will experiment cooking with fruits, chocolate, biscuits, flours,... and prepare the tastiest recipes.

- And then they will eat and taste the things they have prepared with their little  friends.

Let’s move!

The children will have physical activities throughout the  day and they will not stop for a second:

- They'll make mobility games

- They'll jump in the pool

- They will play sports

- They will learn choreographies and dance non-stop

Creation and personalization of mirrors, magnets, and button badges

With a badge machine, children can easily create their own design of secure button badges, mirrors, magnets…, and bring back their creations at home. This fun activity is also a way for them to remember all the year around their stay at the hotel. 

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