5 simple ways to improve customer service in your hotel

Good quality customer service is paramount in the hotel industry, including small and medium-sized hotels, and is an excellent way to differentiate.

There are many aspects to consider, which influence the quality of customer service, the staff who take care of the customers is very important, but it is also essential to have tools that facilitate the service and the capture of new customers. It is also very important to give personalized attention to your hotel guests.

These are a few points to consider in order to improve customer service, which will have a positive impact on the company's reputation and customer loyalty.

You need to provide your guests with the experience you promised them and in many cases you will need to do more than you promised to impress your guests.

If you're looking to improve the hotel's customer service, you'll want to consider new and innovative ways to increase customer satisfaction.

Here are the main reasons why you should make customer satisfaction a priority at your hotel:

Your guests can be your most powerful marketing tool, or your biggest detractors. If your guests have a good experience, they will share it on social networks and recommend your hotel to their friends and family. If they have a negative experience, they will express their opinion through online reviews and go the extra mile to make sure people know what happened.

Guest satisfaction is a clear indication of the ability of your hotel staff to provide the expected experience when they book a stay at your hotel. If your guest satisfaction continues to decline, it is important to determine the cause of the problem and how you can resolve it.

A positive customer experience is one of the best ways to continue to develop your brand. Your brand depends on consumer loyalty, which cannot be achieved without a high level of customer satisfaction.

How you can provide an enjoyable experience for your guests

Recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction, it is important that you actively work to improve the customer experience at your property.

These tips will help you provide each guest staying at your hotel with an amazing and memorable experience:

The guest experience begins long before their arrival...

Be aware that the guest experience begins long before they arrive at your reception to check in for their stay. You should create a mobile-friendly website that provides visual appeal and social proof of their experience at your hotel. Aim for fast site speeds and incorporate valuable content into every page of the site, while adding "Book Now" buttons whenever possible. When a traveler connects to your site online, they immediately form an opinion of your brand that will impact their ultimate experience at your hotel.

Responding to guest comments

Actively solicit and respond to guest comments. When you accept and promote your comments online, you show other travelers that you value your guests' opinions and are willing to go the extra mile to provide superior customer service. When you send automated emails with customer satisfaction surveys, you prove to your guests that you want more information about their stay and that you strive to exceed expectations every time.

Communicate with your guests on a personal level

Connect with your guests on a personal level. It also starts before your guests arrive at the reception. You can use social media to reach your guests before their stay and learn a little more about them. Custom booking forms also allow you to get to know the people who will be staying at your hotel better. While your guests are staying with you, be sure to add small touches and details that personalize the experience. Guests will remember these experiences for years to come and will greatly improve their overall impression of your establishment.

Using guest comments to make future decisions

Use guest comments and relevant data to guide future decisions regarding your property. As you monitor and respond to guest comments, it is important to note any improvements you may make in the future based on these responses. You can also use the booking and marketing data to help you make decisions about improving facilities, creating events, designing promotions, etc. You can also use the data to help you make decisions about the future of your property. Not only will this help you make the best decisions and use your resources wisely, but it will show your past, present and future customers that you truly appreciate their contribution.

Offer family-friendly services

In fact, this nightmare turned into reality only gets worse when customers try to book a weekend only to discover that no establishment accepts children under a certain age. If all hotels turned down young children because they could disrupt other paying guests, families would never be able to go on holiday!   If children are taken into account, the whole hotel industry would lose revenue because of an unsustainable rule. It is in the hotel's interest to present itself as a child-friendly establishment.

Look for customer service-oriented employees

Of course, a large part of your customer satisfaction is related to the staff you employ in your hotel. Every person who works in your hotel - whether they run the front desk or cook or tend the gardens outside - is a customer service employee.

Each staff member plays an important role in the guest experience, and it is essential that every member of the team understands this.

When hiring an employee for your hotel, you need to look beyond their basic qualifications and experience and consider their personality. There are specific things you should look for in your customer service staff. For starters, you need to ensure that each staff member is friendly, welcoming and approachable. Everyone staying at your hotel should feel like they are at home, which means that they should be able to ask for help or assistance from any guest at any time. 

Your staff should also be good communicators. They must be able to accurately represent and express the feelings of your brand when responding to customer requests, even in confrontational encounters. They must be able to pass on important information to their superiors and help provide customers with solutions to their problems as quickly as possible. Communication skills are among the most important skills to possess when you are employed in a hotel.

It is also important that your hotel staff members are patient. While it can be frustrating to deal with upset guests, it is necessary for them to remain calm in the moment and work hard to resolve the issue at hand. In a hotel, staff members will deal with people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. Patience is more than a virtue when you are a hotel employee - it is a necessity.

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