Now that we are almost at the end of the year, it is a perfect time to review the 2020 hotel trends.

The hotel sector is constantly growing and is increasingly competitive rates, as new technologies and ever-higher guest expectations encourage constant development. Trivago analysed what it considers to be the main trends in the sector for 2020:

1. Digital media will continue to transform the customer experience

The hotel sector will be very much marked by digital technologies in the future. As it has been the case in recent years, mobile devices, along with other cutting-edge technologies that brands around the world incorporate into their daily offerings to guests, will continue to have a strong influence on the sector.

2. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important trends in new technologies as far as the hospitality sector is concerned.

With the advances offered by this technology, staff working in the establishment can not only track and manage the usable inventory of accommodations, but the so-called "smart hotels" allow both guests and staff to regulate energy consumption in greater detail and thus contribute to sustainability and environmental protection initiatives.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Another technology that many hoteliers are experimenting with is artificial intelligence (AI). AI helps hotels interact with guests in many ways.

Hand in hand with this technology, establishments are opting for a guest centred experience that has different implications: from the use of chat bots driven by artificial intelligence to the use of robots to register the entry of guests at reception or to carry out room service.

4. Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is being used in the hotel industry to combine the physical and digital worlds to create an immersive environment for guests. Not only does it enhance the travel experience, but it also promotes guest entertainment, making it a very popular technology.

5. Facial Recognition

This system, very common in airports, is also being incorporated in hotels, as it helps to speed up the check-in process and is often popular with business travelers and those who must travel frequently.


. Hotels will be refining their online personality

As a result of the increased use of social networks among consumers and the influence exerted by these platforms, hotels have been forced to adopt such social networks.

In order to anticipate consumer desires, the hotel industry must continue to publish relevant content to stand out in the competitive arena. And the strategy does not end there: there is also a need for specialist teams to monitor the feedback left on these networks on a daily basis and to ensure that customer issues and opinions are responded to quickly.

7. Travelers will seek culturally immersive experiences

Consumer interest is changing and travellers now prioritise experiences over services or facilities. In fact, 67% of high-income travellers prefer to invest in activities rather than a nicer hotel room.

8. Hotels will take sustainability measures

Sustainability will be a key factor in properly managing a hotel brand, as it relates to one of the most important challenges facing the world today.

Hotels will advance in their goal of achieving sustainability so that they can redouble their efforts in corporate social responsibility and, in doing so, build the trust of their guests.

9. Hotels will focus on increasing direct bookings

In 2020, companies will invest more time, money and effort in building guest loyalty and brand awareness to boost direct bookings. A trivia and Phocuswright study entitled Independent Lodging Market has revealed that the main objective of independent lodging establishments is to sell directly to customers.

It is very important to have a well-designed website and a high-quality booking engine in the first place. An optimized website with a responsive design will provide an optimized visitor experience.

Incorporating an efficient booking engine will help you to convert online visitors into hotel guests, as well as gain direct bookings.

10. The human touch

At Welcome Family, out of this focus on new technologies, we also think that the human dimension will be at the heart of the user experience. Hotels with a lot of technology, but without forgetting the welcome, and in particular the welcome of the families. An interesting way to work, which allows the professionals of the hotel and catering industry to differentiate themselves from the competition and to attract new clients.

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    • Henri
    • 2020-01-06 13:47:02
    Merci pour ces informations! je suis d'accord avec vous, le high tech ne doit jamais nous faire perdre de vue l importance des relations personnelles, surtout dans l'hoetllerie

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