10 marketing ideas for restaurants at Christmas

Group reservations for Christmas meals are skyrocketing compared to the rest of the year, a trend that is expected to continue until the end of the holiday season, with a high average spending. At a time of the year when consumption is increasing considerably, bars, restaurants and cafés can take advantage of this opportunity to create offers, promotions and events that promote consumption.

What marketing strategies can we implement to attract customers to Christmas?

1. Create a festive atmosphere in your establishment 

Decorate your room, and give a festive touch to your communication, with the Christmas spirit. Think about the details that make the difference and will attract family customers. 

You can create this festive atmosphere yourself. For example, there are Christmas decoration kits (https://welcomefamily.com/fr/noel/1030-kit-de-decorations-de-noel.html). The important thing is that your establishment should be customized for the holidays. It will be an opportunity for your customers to take photos and share them on their social networks, thus contributing to the development of your notoriety.

2. Send a newsletter 

A newsletter can be a good way to remind your customers that your restaurant also celebrates Christmas and that there is no better place to meet with family and friends. Congratulate your customers for the holiday season and create a calendar of activities with special events.  

3. Communicate on social networks

Nowadays, most bookings are made via mobile devices. Show Internet users, and your followers, what makes them dream to share your content, and thus develop your notoriety.

The content you share on your social networks must be accompanied by an impactful photo, or offer a promotion or participation in a contest.

4. Christmas contests and gifts, goodies for children

Gifts are an essential aspect for these dates. Offer welcome gifts to children who will visit your school. On the Welcome Family website you will find many articles specially designed for the holidays.

5. Create a gift voucher

Gift certificates must be personalized with your restaurant's logo. You can offer predefined menus or create gift vouchers with a brunch, a tasting menu or a dinner for two.  You can easily design them on Canva.com, then have them printed and sold in your restaurant or, if you have a website, your customers can buy the gift certificate directly on your website. Ideally, each card should have an assigned code to validate them.

6. Company lunches and dinners

Companies also participate in celebrations and organize Christmas lunches and dinners. Propose special rates for this type of event and provide all the information concerning the promotion (food, drinks, etc.).

7. Change your menu, add a special Christmas key

For example, offer typical Christmas desserts, such as buche, and suggest to your chef, based on typical products of this time of year (such as turkey), to create new dishes that will only be eaten during the holidays. Advertise these products on social networks, trying to reach your followers to reach the widest possible audience.

8. Print a menu with Christmas theme

You can also design a special menuwith Christmas motifs. The objective is that the people who enter your place feel Christmas through its decoration and taste.

9. Share 

Get in touch with associations to help the most disadvantaged, to allow everyone to have a decent and merry Christmas. Use the proceeds from an event, product sale or contest to share with those who have less. Use social networks to support this charity and invite everyone to participate.

10. Opening on Christmas Day 

December 25 and January 1 are interesting dates for restaurants. 

Although during the month of December Christmas sales are more profitable, you should not lose sight of the opportunity to generate activity in your local in the post-Christmas period.  The objective is to build family customer loyalty.

These are our 10 marketing ideas for restaurants at Christmas, but you certainly have other ideas to realize and we want to know them, leave us a comment!

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