Balloons and Accessories

Perfect for all occasions, discover Welcome Family's range of children's balloons made up of single balloons or licensed Disney balloons with balloon sticks for children. A range of balloons for professionals: restaurants, hotels, campsites or holiday clubs. You will also find a wide range of accessories to present balloons such as balloon trees, balloon rods or a range of inflators, helium bomb and everything necessary for the use of balloons.

Are you looking for a surprise gift for your children's menus? Offer a balloon to the children in your establishments! You can display them on a balloon tree inside your restaurant. It is also possible to customize your balloons with your brand logo, contact us to request a quote.

Balloon rods


Welcome Family Thin-rubber Balloons


Assorted colors latex balloons


Star Aluminium Balloons


Round Aluminium Balloons


Heart shape aluminium Balloon


Aluminium Balloons Letters


Aluminium Balloons Numbers


Two-way hand pump


Plastic Balloon tree


Metal balloon tree