Children's equipment

Welcome Family is a supplier of hospitality products and equipment for children. Offers hotels, restaurants, campsites, holiday clubs, communities, and any other establishment that serves children a wide range of highchairs, booster seats, changing tables, baby beds and capsule dispensers. Our equipment and furniture for children comply with European collective standards. You will be able to welcome your customers in complete safety.

Protective sheets for changing table


Toilet seat reducer

The Bath Book, an accessory to use in your hotel

Bath Book

Bath Thermometer in the shape of a turtle, bath accessory for children in hotels

Turtle Bath Thermometer


Baby pot

Splitto bath toy, children hospitality product for hotels

Bath Toy Splitto


Foot step

Set of 6 anti-slip bath pads, child bath accessory for hotels

Set of 6 anti-slip bath pads


Set of 4 wheels without brake

Bird electronic bath thermometer, child bath accessory for hotels

Bird electronic bath thermometer


Children's bathtub


Baby bathing bouncer