Children's menu surprise toys

Are you looking for a gift or a toy to offer with your children's menus or as part of a children's welcome offer to please your customers?

Welcome Family's collection of toys and gifts is perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, fast food restaurants, hotels, campsites and holiday clubs that welcome families with children to their establishment every year.

We offer a range of toys for you to hand out with the children's menus at your restaurants. These ranges include surprise bags, surprise capsules and surprise eggs all featuring the children's favourite characters.

Giving children a little gift is a good way to build loyalty among the families who visit your establishments. Find below our range of surprise toys for children's menus.

Empty coloured capsules


Spinner top

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Blue Dragon Flowpack

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Atomicron Air Force

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Atomicron toys

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Dragonix toys


Frozen 2 Soap Bubbles


Convertible car


Styro Aircraft


20 marbles & 1 large cat-eye marble


Squishy Puppies

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